Iceland trip failed

The Iceland trip did not materialize as COVID19 in Europe worsen. Denmark where we were transiting and Iceland did not open up to tourist from Singapore. We did book some accommodation through as well as Airbnb. Lucky for us, all the accommodation booked included free cancellation.

Our air tickets though were a different story. Instead of refunding us the amounts we paid for our air tickets. Both airlines we booked from transferred them to credits. We will have to use the credits within 2 years and 3 years respectively.

With that timeline, looks like we will just reuse the airline credits to book for the next available trip to Iceland. But we shall wait for the COVID situation to improve before making any future travel plans.

I have linked our planned itinerary here for those who are interested. The plan only shows our itinerary for Iceland. We were suppose to have 3 more days in Copenhagen but there was no fixed plan so it was not included in the itinerary.

If 2021 allows, we will definitely be using our credits and traveling to Iceland with the same plan. Let’s all hope for a better 2021!

Happy New Year !

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