Planning Iceland trip in November

Yes, you are reading it correct. I am planning for an Iceland trip in November when we are right in the middle of the COVID19 pandemic. The truth is , I have been planning for this Iceland trip since December of 2019 . The emergence of COVID19 put a pause on everything. But with the improving situation in Singapore and Iceland, I hope this trip will happen.

The intention is to spend 14 days all-in for the trip as Singapore Airlines is offering promotional rates for a return within 14 days. The plan is to fly from Singapore to Copenhagen and transit to Iceland. Spend 11 days driving the Ring Road of Iceland. Fly back to Copenhagen, spend 2 days there before returning to Singapore.

During my research for the trip to Iceland, I came across many travel bloggers and YouTube videos detailing each of their travel itinerary in Iceland. But there are only a few that have traveled the Ring Road in winter. I am still researching and finalizing my plans as nothing apart from my flight to Copenhagen has been booked (bought before COVID19 lockdown).

Once my itinerary has been finalized, I will upload it here before my travel. We can then compare it with the actual itinerary after the trip. Below, I am also listing out some of the sites and YouTube videos that I took reference from.

Here are the sites and YouTube links I referenced while planning Iceland trip in November.

This is by a Singaporean couple but the budget and costing are outdated
Same Singaporean couple but a more recent trip with their children
Another Singaporean couple on a Camper Van
An American that has moved to Iceland

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